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37x12.50-17, All-Terrain T/A KO Tire by BFGoodrich
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37x12.50-17, All-Terrain T/A KO Tire by BFGoodrich

Don't Forget These Essentials

Lug Nuts
Don't forget to upgrade to a new set of lug nuts.
Lug Nuts

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Tire Replacement Warranty
No hassle 100% tread life guarantee.
Tire Warranty

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Tire Warranty

Only For 4 Tires

No Questions Asked Road Hazard

Tire Replacement Warranty

4 Wheel Parts' No Questions Asked Road Hazard Tire Replacement Warranty protects you wherever you go with coverage for 100% of a tire's tread life, on or off the road.

The first 50% of tread life coverage:

The No Questions Asked Road Hazard Tire Replacement Warranty protects you with no charge tire replacement for first 50% of tire tread wear -- no questions asked under either normal highway or off-road conditions. This protection includes non-repairable flats and manufacturer defects.

The second 50% of tread wear life coverage:

The No Questions Asked Road Hazard Tire Replacement Warranty will be pro-rated, plus F.E.T. This protection includes both normal highway and off-road conditions for non-repairable flats and manufacturer defects.

Exceptions to the coverage are:

  • Vehicle Fender or Suspension Contact
  • Commercial use or competition racing
  • Repairable punctures (repaired and no cost)
  • Accidents
close Lug Nuts

Only $49.99 Per Wheel

Don't Forget the Lug Nuts

It's easy to forget that new tire and wheel purchases do not include new lug nuts. Swap out those dingy OEM parts and spruce up your new off road gear with some sparkling lug nuts.

For Safety:

Lug nuts can corrode and wear out over time. Loose, frayed lugs can cause instability, or rusted lugs might be irremovable in case of a flat, or even corrode your brake system and chrome wheels.

For Style:

Old OEM lug nuts can appear bland and dull in contrast to the polished shine of new wheels. Lug nuts are the essential cherry-on-top that style enthusiasts are quick to overlook.

close Nitrogen Gas Tire Inflation Service

Only Per Tire


Save money and help the environment with 4 Wheel Parts new Nitrogen Gas Tire Inflation Service.

Currently used by the U.S. Military, NASA, Indy Car circuits, and more, nitrogen-filled tires are proven to prevent tire pressure loss to improve performance and tire longevity.

As a result, tires remain properly inflated for longer, thereby improving gas mileage and reducing vehicle emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Nitrogen-filled tires also offer the following benefits:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Extended Tire Life
  • Reduced Oxidation
  • Improved Handling
  • Prevents blowouts
  • Tested 100% Safe

Ask for Nitrogen Tire Service at select Performance Centers!

Part Number: BFG12411

  • Authentic all-terrain appearance
  • Great highway performance plus off-road traction
  • Smooth, comfortable passenger-car ride quality
  • High speed durability and stable handling
  • Greatly reduced noise levels
  • Long treadlife
  • Reversible sidewall design

The all-terrain tire with all the attributes leading pickup and SUV makers look for when they select an original equipment tire: great traction, rugged looks, long treadlife, and a smooth, comfortable ride. Who it’s for: Pickup, Jeep and SUV owners looking for an excellent replacement for their original equipment all-terrain tires.

Features include:
[*]Tread pattern and aggressive sidewall appearance adapted from our legendary SCORE Baja Series-dominating tires.[*]Aggressive tread performs across wide range of surfaces, including full Mud & Snow rating.[*]Two-ply polyester carcass and single strand beads (single wire wrapped continuously).[*]ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System)[*]Computer-optimized size-variable tread elements help reduce overall decibel levels and minimize unpleasant frequencies.[*]Dual-compound tread and optimized tread contact patch help reduce squirm and minimize surface temperatures.[*]Raised outline white letters or reversible black letters look great on all SUVs, pickups and other popular light trucks.

Sold individually. Note: Our Standard Shipping rates DO NOT apply to tires. Tire-Specific shipping charges apply. F.E.T tax not included in the price of tire. *Crate charge of $9.75 applied per tire, not included in the price.

Not sure which tire size is best for you, use our [link href= /tireconversion.htm target= _blank ]tire calculating form[/link].