Leveling Kits: Clearing Up the Facts on Leveling Lift Kits

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Leveling kits are an unusual breed of off road product for several reasons. Aside from being probably the least talked about type of lift kit, leveling lift kits are also often neglected in terms of their importance in putting together an off road rig.

But while leveling kits fly relatively under the radar, they still have their importance. The only problem is many don’t quite understand precisely how they work, or why leveling lift kits are essential, particularly for customized vehicles.

Thus, we’d like to take a moment to take a quick look at leveling kits and describe what makes them crucial 4x4 and off road parts, then compare them to another popular type of product to further that understanding.

Leveling Kits Brief Overview

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The concept of leveling kits is actually quite simple, and certainly not one that’s unfamiliar to anyone who has dealt with other types of lift kits.

Basically, leveling lift kits provide additional lift to a vehicle, only the lift is applied to only one section of the vehicle: either the front or rear.

This comes in handy when a vehicle has an uneven stance due to other lift modifications, or possibly an uneven weight distribution. This is also useful when you need some extra inches of lift to allow for more clearance in adding larger tires, or for towing and hauling situations.

Leveling Kits vs. Body Lift Kits

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It can be easy to view leveling kits as having the same purpose as body lift kits, mainly because they are so similar in concept. For this reason, we found it a good idea to show the difference between the two, as well as how to determine which one is right for you.

A body lift operates under the same premise of leveling lift kits in that the ultimate goal is to achieve a few extra inches of lift. Furthermore, the application of body lift kits is also very similar to how leveling kits function.

Just like most leveling kits, body lifts utilize a spacer of some sort that is optimally placed in a vehicle chassis to add several inches of lift and added tire clearance. Where the two differ, however, is how these spacers are applied.

Body lifts install primarily under the vehicle frame, producing a kind of separation throughout the entire vehicle. Leveling kits, on the other hand, also employ spacers in certain applications, but the spacers are generally placed on top of either the struts or coil springs of a vehicle.

The installation of leveling kits is highly dependent upon the vehicle itself, whereas there are universal body lift kits that can be applied to a variety of vehicles.

Ultimately what this all translates to is that leveling kits are designed for more stability and permanence as opposed to body lifts, which are mainly for tire clearance and style.

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