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Tire Valve Deflator

Take the headache out of airing down your tires when going off roading. These specialty deflators will do the work for you. Choose from 100% automatic or manual styles.

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  • Tire Valve Deflator


    Smittybilt Tire Deflator

    Tire deflators provide an easy way to automatically deflate your tires to a precise pressure for any off highway driving.

  • Tire Valve Deflator


    ARB E-Z Tire Deflator Kit

    The unique patented design of the ARB E-Z Deflator allows the valve core to be removed to deflate the tire at an increased speed. An integrated sliding valve provides an accurate reading of the tire pressure while deflation is in process ensuring the desired psi is achieved.

  • Tire Valve Deflator
    Advanced Air Systems

    $6.99 - $249.99

    Advanced Air Systems Tire Deflators

    MINI MONSTERS are deflation valves that are easily installed into your wheels. With a twist of the little knob your tire pressures will drop quickly

  • Tire Valve Deflator

    $76.99 - $87.99

    Staun Tire Deflators

    Staun tire deflators are the easiest, most accurate way of decreasing your vehicles tire pressure.they are the most superior, high quality deflators on the market today.

  • Tire Valve Deflator


    Currie Enterprises EZ Tire Deflator

    The EZ deflator allows you to quickly deflate large tires to very low pressures while monitoring the pressure the whole time on a gauge.

  • Tire Valve Deflator


    TeraFlex Air Deflator

    TeraFlex Air Deflators are a must have for any trail vehicle. Airing down your tires increases traction and handling when off-road, but can take forever when you are in a hurry. These air deflators make the job easier so you can get out onto the trail.

  • Tire Valve Deflator
    Advanced Air Systems

    $6.99 - $249.99

    Power Tank Trailhead Tire Deflators

    Power Tank''s Trailhead Tire Deflators are the ultimate in tire deflator performance. They are constructed of anodized, machined aluminum and are accurate to +/- 1 PSI. They are completely rebuildable if they get clogged by dirt or debris. Recommended for tire sizes up to 35 inches. Available in 4 colors to match your off-road rig.