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  • GBC Afterburn StreetForce Tire

    Afterburn is a new high performance radial ATV tire that delivers uncompromised traction in both mixed and hard packed terrains. With its unique and aggressive tread design, Afterburn promotes superior straight line and high speed cornering capabilities, and its radial carcass construction also provides an optimum smooth ride.

  • GBC Dirt Commander Tire

    GBC Motorsports Performance ATV tires are built to get you over tough terrains to your destination. Dirt Commander, GBC's new all terrain tire, is a super tough 8-ply rated bias tire that gives you excellent puncture resistance. Its siped tread design also gives additional biting edges for better traction in all terrains.

  • GBC Dirt Devil Tire

    The DIRT DEVIL, GBC's best selling ATV tire of all time. Its original directional tread design was developed to provide exceptional traction in dirt, gravel, hard pack, and light mud terrains. Each lug is dimpled with more biting edges for better traction, and reinforced for a more stable and durable footprint. Built with a 6-ply rated carcass, the DIRT DEVIL also provides superior durability and puncture resistance.

  • GBC Dirt Tamer Tire

    The popular DIRT TAMER is a proven favorite for all utility riders. The bold non-directional tread design has excellent traction in all types of terrain and conditions. This heavy-duty 6-ply rated tire offers serious puncture resistance and its tread lugs run deep into the sidewall for added protection. The DIRT TAMER is heavy on performance, and also light on your wallet.

  • GBC Radial Grim Reaper Tire

    Grim Reaper combines an aggressive tread pattern with deep wrap-around shoulder lugs to give you uncompromising performance and traction. This new 8-ply rated all-terrain radial is constructed with a zig-zag center ridgeline, for superior puncture resistance and enhanced rider comfort. GBC Motorsports carries a wide line of performance ATV tires for all types of terrains and riders.

  • GBC Sand Shark Tire

    The SAND SHARK is GBC Motorsport's best selling sand tire ever. The classic V-angled paddle design churns sand and ensures traction and excellent cornering and turning stability. Also its lightweight construction ensures maximum performance.

  • GBC Sand Shark-II Tire

    GBC Sand Shark-II Tire

  • GBC Shark Fin Tire

    The SHARK FIN is a great all-around front sand tire. It features a non-continuous rib down the middle of the tire for better directional control and ease of turning.

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