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Hi-Speed Mounting and Balancing


4 Wheel Parts is one of the few tire retailers to offer complete Hi-Speed Mounting and Balancing services, with resulting performance benefits that simply cannot be overstated.

Utilizing revolutionary "Road Force" Mounting and Balancing techniques, tires are spun at highway speeds to ensure that a true balance is attained, which is a crucial factor in everything from everyday driving, to hardcore off road expeditions.

Here are some of the benefits of 4 Wheel Parts Hi-Speed Mounting and Balancing:

  • "True balance" for safety and performance
  • Reduces likelihood of uneven tire wear
  • Improves gas mileage, reduces tire deflation
  • Optimal for either on or off road driving

Select Hi-Speed Mounting and Balancing service online with purchase of any tire and wheel package, or ask for it at your local 4 Wheel Parts Performance Center!